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Allow me to introduce myself.

Extremely online. Pop culture junkie. Music fanatic. Writer. Editor. World traveler. Incessant picture taker. Lover of food.

I'm always looking for the next opportunity to help brands and organizations start a discussion, inform others, teach, learn from others, strategize their next move, and create positive change.

I use the skills I’ve acquired over the last decade as a marketer, writer, and brand/creative/content strategist to build relationships, on and offline, with others.

Whether it's to map your brand's path, plan your next campaign, determine what kinds of content you need to reach your audience, or discuss the latest platforms and trends –– let’s schedule a time to chat.

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

A grey-haired woman

I discuss why brand campaigns like Dove's #KeepTheGrey campaign ultimately do nothing for the very people they are supposed to support. Call it #slacktivism.


I spoke with activist Kaveh Sharooz, a human rights activist and one of the organizers of the largest protest of the Iranian government in North America, getting his perspective on what the historic #MahsaAmini movement means to him.

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