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Strategy Work

I've had the privilege of working with some of the world's biggest brands, and helping brands who aspire to be the biggest in their future get started. Here are just a few of my brand, social and creative strategy projects.

Spora Health needed a brand book to present the next stage of its telehealth app for seed investors. Along with the design team at Superliminal, I researched competitors, created and refined customer personas, interviewed staff and potential customers--then used that information to write Spora's brand book, including its brand story, brand pillars, audience and messaging guidelines and creative direction. It also includes one of my favourite taglines: "Healthcare for the culture." The book resulted in a successful round of funding, raising 1.2 million for the company.

A collage of graphic designed images on the Spora Health Instagram page

MadeGood Foods X Nintendo: "Fuel Your Fun" influencer campaign strategy

MadeGood Foods and Nintendo of Canada teamed up for a Canadian back to school campaign and contest targeted at parents with children aged 5-16. With my team, I developed the influencer strategy and brief, researched and recommended parent and lifestyle influencers, and provided guidance and direction on influencer content during the content creation process. The brand and influencer content generated tens of thousands of contest entries (the principal KPI), raised brand awareness and increased consideration among the target audience.

A collage of parent influencers participating in the MadeGood back to school campaign, eating MadeGood products and playing the Nintendo Switch OLED system with their families.

Arterra Wines: "The Daily Pour" Social + Brand Strategy

I lead the Daily Pour project (15 wine and cider brands from around the world), launching or reviving their social content strategy and creation after evaluating and editing the brand strategy and positioning with the larger strategy team. I also led creative strategy for the brands, developing content look and feel, facilitating social shoots, and developing campaign strategy for flagship brand campaigns (see Bodacious Wines' #KeepCrushingIt campaign)

A collage of images from the Arterra Wines brand portfolio

The launch of the Lincoln Corsair and a need to reach younger female drivers saw my team at Hudson Rouge work together with Refinery29 Canada to create a digital and social campaign that would have potential customers see themselves in a brand while also introducing the 100-year old brand in a new light. Working with an influencer, we developed a campaign involving digital/web content, programmatic content and paid + organic social content. The campaign was a success: 7.3 million impressions, and significant lifts in brand opinion and recall among female audiences 18-34.

Entrepreneur and influencer Dani Roache poses in front of a Lincoln Corsair in Niagara Falls.
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