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Published Work

From company blogs to academic books to magazine articles, I've had some great opportunities to share my writing with the world. Here are just a few of my favourites; feel free to contact me for more examples.

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Weekly Substack Newsletter

Put You On Game is my Substack newsletter/passion project where I break down the ways that strategy and branding appears in many aspects of life. Here’s what that phrase means.

It’s mostly about (social media) marketing, but I also love pop culture, food, photography, technology and more; I'll talk about all of those things as they pertain to online life and real life. It’s also where I work out some thoughts that I start on my social feeds, share with my clients, and talk about with my friends. 

Published weekly. Subscribe here.

A grey haired woman wearing a red coat

Canadian Business

I discuss why brand campaigns like Dove's #KeepTheGrey campaign ultimately do nothing for the very people they are supposed to support. Call it #slacktivism.

Friends sharing a Swedish meal at a table


Drawing from personal experience living in Sweden, I wrote about why the viral online discussion around #Swedengate (the phenomenon that sees Swedes withholding hospitality from those they don't know) hit a nerve for me as a Black person that lived there, and the overall situation that Sweden faces towards its increasingly non-homogenous population.

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Charitainment: a matter of Pomp and Circumstance

European Civil Society Press

Based on my award winning thesis "Pomp and Circumstance: communication strategy, chairitainment and the media event in the  humanitarian context", this book details the ways in which media and communication strategies affect the course of humanitarian actions at home and abroad.

"Yes, #WEHaveaproblem, and it's not just because of Trudeau"

FLARE/Fashion Magazine

Following a viral Twitter thread I wrote in the midst of the June 2020 WE Charity scandal involving the federal government, I was commissioned to write about how my thesis work related to the issue and what Canadians should look for when non-profits appear to act in self-interest rather than the greater good.

A photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Trudeau, Craig Kielbuger and Marc Keilburger at a WE Day event
A photo of author Stephen Dorsey, standing in front of a wall in Toronto

Canadian Business, February 2022

I interviewed marketer and podcaster Stephen Dorsey about his book "Black and White", writing about his theory that "white advantage" is the main barrier to racial equality in Canada and affects many aspects of everyday life, including the workplace.

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